Toyota Mirai Launch Event

Move the bar left and right to see the before and after
Silicon Storm was recently hired to compose several animated sequences for Toyota and the launch of their new hybrid fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai. The event took place at the Quixote Studios Lot in West Hollywood, California and utilized several of Silicon Storm’s services to make the event a site to be seen.

Coinciding with the anniversary of when Marty McFly went to the future with Doc on the date, October 21, 2015… Silicon was asked to create visuals that were a nod to this classic piece of film history.
For the exterior created a projection mapped “3D” Back to the Future Courthouse. Paying attention to various details that existed on the exterior of the courthouse, careful to keep its “future” look from second movie, added the front facade to incorporate a “Toyota: Let’s Go Places!” branding. A series of custom visual effects to the courthouse to bring everything to life.
For the interior, we created a series of looping 3D motion visuals to give the venue a nightclub, party feel. Paired with projectors, these stunning 4k visuals really made a presence at their 60ft x 20ft size on the 3 internal walls, encapsulating all attendees who entered the event!
A big thanks to the teams at 206inc (Event Management), Nest Environments (Set Design and Build out) and Pacific Coast Entertainment (Projection & Audio Equipment)  A great team and the client loved the end results. We look forward to working with you all again.

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