February 2017


Create an interactive experience for the Night Before the Oscars party, an event attended by Hollywood’s A-list celebs, in support of MasterCard’s partnership with Stand Up to Cancer. Take a look behind the scenes on how this unique experience was created.
February 2017

Dungeon Crash

For Microsoft’s BUILD Conference, Silicon Storm worked closely with Microsoft team members to integrate their 3D audio plugin into a new demo, designed and developed by Silicon Storm.
February 2017

ArchViz VR

  Silicon Storm is always creating and releasing new technology at the forefront of the VR world.  Our latest tech, ArchViz VR: Virtual Reality Real Estate, is an application and development process that lets architects, interior designers and real estate builders and professionals to virtually display their properties to audiences […]
February 2017

The Uncreated

We were commissioned by Ward17 to create a VR experience for an upcoming novel. The Uncreated: Blodröd is a serialized Virtual Reality game designed for the Gear VR to leave you feeling POSSESSED. The release of the game will be coordinated with the release of The Uncreated novel and a […]
February 2017

The Uncreated @ Sundance

Recently, we completed work on a cinematic VR experience for Ward 17 entitled “The Uncreated: Blodrod.” The game is a virtual reality story about a demonic presence in a Norwegian island setting. You experience the story as Noah, the primary character marooned on a desolate island where a supernatural mystery […]
January 2017

Behind the scenes : MM002

Take a look at this next-level Mech Chassis and Cockpit we’re developing for another project here at our Newport Beach office. We’ve got some pretty awesome creations brewing here at Silicon, so we figured lets let everyone in on a little sneak peek.  What better way to move in VR than […]