What we do for Agencies

Over the years we have worked with numerous Advertising Agencies, Marketing companies and small design studios. These include large "Agency of record" companies serving Fortune 500 clients to small 1~2 man design groups that require a technical team to assist them. We have provided them all with a wide ranges of services to complement the services that they already provide to their clients. We can work alongside or behind the scenes in providing you and your team the technical resources you need to complete custom assignments.

The slide show to the right, give you a small sampling of some our more recent work.

Recent Work


At San Diego Comic Con 2017, Silicon Storm was contracted to create a large zoetrope featring an array of hand created sculptures that animated in 3 dimensions. This display was meant to serve as a base of clues for the new season of American Horror Story.

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Fox recently used our services to create a new activation for the show, "Ghosted," on display at Sand Diego Comic Con 2017. Silicon conceptualized an environment that was to be used for laser tag and resemble a power plant setting found in the show's premier episode.

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Grandin Road requested "something different" for their Halloween activation located at NYC Macy's Herald Square location. Using interactive digital displays, we brought thousands of spiders to life, having them scurry up the screen, spelling out the letters "Grandin Road" to help add to the creepy halloween activation.

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We had the privilege of working with Fox, Creative Riff and Nest Environments to design and produce an interactive experience based on the new Seth MacFarlane TV show, The Orville. The area was designed to have the feel of a modern day job fair. A clean and simple layout allowing visitors to easily move through the experience.

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Recently, we worked with RANK 17 to develop an original game property for release on Steam. Entitled Bladeshield, the game takes players on a space adventure where you must do battle with robots gone haywire aboard a spaceship. Bladeshield is a room scale VR game utilizing the HTC Vive and its Vive Controllers.

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Recently, we worked with Toyota on the launch of their new Mirai, Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered vehicle. We created an elaborate 3D Projection and visual effects to recreate the Back to the Future courthouse - the theme of the event. To enhance event firther, we created massive interior visuals to create a nightclub vibe.

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For the Oscars, MasterCard's Stand Up 2 Cancer charity arm needed a completely original type of activation. We worked closely with them to create a series of robots that would stand up based on brainwaves read from sensors attached to guests heads. Guests would compete to see whose robot would stand up first.

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CLOUDBOUND is a Room Scale VR Project created and developed by Silicon Storm and released on the STEAM Network. The game utilizes VIVE controllers and lets players grapple and swing through the air constantly climbing a series of floating islands. Purchase CLOUDBOUND today on STEAM!

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