What is Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is a process of “adding” computer generated information to live video via a head mounted display or computer screen. These include video, graphics, audio and positional data. This creates an enhanced vision of the world around us. Some early of examples of this technology would be…

  • Heads up Displays (HUDs) in aircraft & vehicles
  • The yellow “First down” line on NFL television broadcasts
  • Pop-out imagery as used for education and greetings cards
  • Route navigation and messaging as used in Google Glass devices
  • Sign translations & sightseeing information for tourists

Current solutions that we are working with include Microsoft Hololens and the Meta headsets with many exciting projects in the works.

Virtual Reality (VR) on the other hand is the creation of a completely immersive environment. The user experiences a 360° view of alternative location. This could come from live actions sporting events, like our friends at NextVR delivers, or computer generated worlds using hyper realistic graphics and spatial audio as used in our Architectural Visualization System. Examples of VR technology in action would include…

  • Video games and interactive experiences
  • Live TV broadcasts like sitting courtside at an NBA game
  • Visualization of construction projects
  • Viewing the impossible like watching the moon landing from the surface or a rocket take off from the launchpad

We support all the major platforms including


Recently, an alternative term, Mixed Reality (MR) was introduced.  A Mixed Reality is art of creating a new environment where both the real and the virtual worlds co-exist and interact. This is an exciting new area which we have been experimenting in.  Check out our In Development section to learn more.