The Uncreated

We were commissioned by Ward17 to create a VR experience for an upcoming novel. The Uncreated: Blodröd is a serialized Virtual Reality game designed for the Gear VR to leave you feeling POSSESSED. The release of the game will be coordinated with the release of The Uncreated novel and a video intended to create a real sense of excitement and community around The Uncreated universe.
When we undertake a new assignment, we start by getting a full understanding of the client's vision. We gather up reference materials, ideas, imagery to help focus the overall direction, style and mood of the project. From there we sketch, creating storyboards and concepts of all the elements in the game. Having a good solid visual bible leads to a better product!
As we establish the elements that will be included in the game, our art team go to work, sketching ideas for the environments, main player characters, enemies and props that will be featured in the game. Above is a time-lapse video of the creation of a concept for the demonic / possessed Rat to be used in the game.
Developing the main character of the game, based on actor Per Nordgren, took paying attention to specific details. Most importantly, the tattoo placement and look to help sell the mood of the character.
Horrifying games need horrifying monsters. The Uncreated is no exception. The demon envisioned for this concept features all of the elements nightmares are made of, and he lets you know it! Enjoy some of the production elements for this virtual beast.

Move the bar left and right to see the before and after
Working with talented and creative writers and actors like the team on this project was a true pleasure. It is rare that a new and fresh idea for a story line like this comes along. We look forward to reading more of The Uncreated series as they come out.

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