Work - A small sampling from past projects



In collaboration with Microsoft, Silicon Storm created an ultimate VR demo showcasing the power of Microsoft’s new spatial audio technology previewed and Microsoft BUILD 2016.  Silicon worked closely with Microsoft’s spatial audio team to integrate the tech into our VR demo, Dungeon Crash.  Players ascend a windy mountainside to a large enemy stronghold, where eventually they are faced with a series of dangerous traps that activate as players pass through them.  3D sounds race by the user’s ears as traps activate left and right.

In collaboration with WARD 17, Silicon Storm developed the Mobile VR, horror experience: The Uncreated: Blodrod.  The Uncreated is a visual narrative where players take the role of Noah, a medium in search of answers on the island of Blodrod.  Encounter demons and hell itself in this unique supernatural anthology series.  Check out the teaser trailer HERE

Silicon worked in collaboration with 206 and Nest Environments to assist with the visuals and experiences for the launch of the Toyota Mirai vehicle in Hollywood, CA. Coinciding with the anniversary of Back to the Future, the event was themed around the film, with several aspects emitting nostalgia from the 1984 film. Silicon created a 3D projection that was used on the exsterior of a soundstage where the event took place transporting the audience back to the old courthouse in the film. Silicon also created 360 wraparound projected videos for a sensory experience inside the event.

UNDEAD VR is a VR game developed for the GEAR VR. Players assume the role of Larry the Exterminator, a Zombie Expeterminator in the post apocalypic future. Hunt down various zombies that are nesting in the sewers and abandones building sites as you upgrade your weaponry and clear the zombie threat overtaking the city!

We’re constantly pushing boundaries here at Silicon Storm. One case in point are the countless tests we’ve been doing recently with the Microsoft Hololens. As a test project, we challenged ourselves to see if we could design a 3D platformer for the device, using an AR environment. The result went off pretty great! Check out our video to see what we’re extremely proud of.

Recently we took part in VR Film School, here in OC. We taught a session on creating 360 videos for VR using the Unity game engine as a source for generating 360 visuals and content. Many attended, and many were interested! You can see some of the results of the quick demo HERE.