Success Stories

    The objective was to create an interactive space based on the power plant scenes from the show, allowing 2 teams would to play laser tag. We kept the layout simple using black lights, glow in the dark feature and variety of different fog systems to creative a fun atmosphere.
    We had the privilege of working to design and produce an interactive experience based on the new Seth MacFarlane TV show, The Orville. Set 400 years in the future, the activation was setup as Job Fair to find future crew members of the Orville.
    Raising the bar yet again, FX Networks for was looking for a new way to announce the upcoming season 7 of America Horror Story. A number of different ideas and concepts were explored. From these, the idea of using a classic concept, the AHS Zoetrope was born.
  • MasterCard
    Create an interactive experience for the Night Before the Oscars party, an event attended by Hollywood’s A-list celebs, in support of MasterCard’s partnership with Stand Up to Cancer. Take a look behind the scenes on how this unique experience was created.
  • Dungeon Crash
    For Microsoft’s BUILD Conference, Silicon Storm worked closely with Microsoft team members to integrate their 3D audio plugin into a new demo, designed and developed by Silicon Storm.
  • The Uncreated
    We were commissioned by Ward17 to create a VR experience for an upcoming novel. The Uncreated: Blodröd is a serialized Virtual Reality game designed for the Gear VR to leave you feeling POSSESSED. The release of the game will be coordinated with the release of The Uncreated novel and a […]
  • Cloudbound
    CloudBound is a VR platformer where the player uses a Grappling Hook gun to swing, climb, and fling their way to the top of each level. Using our DFoV System (“Dynamic Field of View”) we’ve managed to dramatically reduce simulation sickness to the point that users can move comfortably at […]
  • Grandin Road
    Creating a pop-up store is straight forward. Bringing it to life with a unique twist is a little more interesting. We designed and implemented an interactive sign using a real-time cluster of digital spiders.
  • BladeShield
    BladeShield is a Sc-Fi VR action game. Pick up your BladeShields, dual purpose light sword and plasma shield combination, to hold off the onslaught of robotic sawbots, blaster drones, and mega turrets! Survive as long as you can!
  • Toyota Mirai Launch Event
    Silicon Storm was recently hired to compose several animated sequences for Toyota and the launch of their new hybrid fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai. The event took place at the Quixote Studios Lot in West Hollywood, California and utilized several of Silicon Storm’s services to make the event a site […]